August 16
Revealed today the shorts competitions films

The shorts competitions films for Queer Lisboa 26 were revealed today.


This year’s selection of shorts for the Official Short Film Competition covers a wide range of the queer spectrum. And, again, a will to highlight films that expand the discourse of what is, should or could be queer, thanks to radical deviances, daring metaphorical subterfuges; to the use, in brief, of a cinematographic language that is as much a political tool as a weapon of aesthetic experimentation.


And the “In My Shorts” European School Short Film Competition brings together a set of works that reveal the political and aesthetic concerns of a young generation of filmmakers. The transition between childhood and adolescence, the dissolution of age barriers or the celebration of identity and chosen families, are some of the proposals that dominate this selection, materialized through different formats: from documentary to fiction, passing through experimental and performative.


Below, the complete list of new titles announced:


a body is a body is a body, Cat McClay, Éiméar McClay (UK, 2021, 12’)
La belle et la bête / Beauty and the Beast, Mathieu Morel (France, 2021, 13’)
Billy Boy, Sacha Amaral (Argentina, 2021, 25’)
Colmeia / Beehive, Maurício Chades (Brazil, 2021, 15’)
Dans le silence d’une mer abyssale / In the Silence of an Abyssal Sea, Juliette Klinke (Belgium, 2021, 19’)
Des jeunes filles enterrent leur vie / Burial of Life as a Young Girl, Maïté Sonnet (France, 2022, 33’)
Dihya, Lucia Martínez Garcia (Switzerland, 2021, 10’)
Insieme Insieme, Bernardo Zanotta (France, Netherlands, 2022, 37’)
Isn't It a Beautiful World, Joseph Wilson (UK, 2021, 13’)
Let My Body Speak, Madonna Adib (UK, Lebanon, 2020, 10’)
Letters from St. Petersburg, Lotte Nielsen (Denmark, 2021, 17’)
Mars exalté / Exalted Mars, Jean-Sébastien Chauvin (France, 2022, 18’)
Ob Scena / Ob Scene, Paloma Orlandini Castro (Argentina, USA, 2021, 18’)
On Xerxes’ Throne, Evi Kalogiropoulou (Greece, 2022, 16’)
The Pass, Pepi Ginsberg (USA, 2022, 15’)
The Perpetrators, Richard Squires (UK, 2022, 14’)
São Paulo Ferida Aberta / São Paulo Open Wound, Elizabeth Rocha Salgado (Brazil, Netherlands, 2021, 18’)
Silent Heat, Luciënne Venner (Netherlands, 2021, 19’)
Sob Influência / Under the Influence, Ricardo Branco (Portugal, 2022, 20’)
Uma Paciência Selvagem Me Trouxe até Aqui / A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here, Érica Sarmet (Brazil, 2021, 26’)
Uma Rapariga Imaterial / Immaterial Girl, André Godinho (Portugal, 2022, 42’)
Yon / Call Me Jonathan, Bárbara Lago (Argentina, 2021, 8’)



Ceux que l'on choisit / The Ones We Choose, Elora Bertrand (France, 2022, 29’) 

Ceux qui désirent se connaître / Those Who Care to Know each Other, Korlei Rochat, Léonard Vuilleumier (Switzerland, 2020, 18’)

Chute / Strangers, Nora Longatti (Switzerland, 2021, 21’) 

Escames / Shedding Skin, Katherina Harder Sacre (Spain, 2020, 17’) 

Gangnam Beauty, Yan Tomaszewski (France, South Korea, 2020, 23’) 

The Greatest Sin, Gabriel B. Arrahnio (Germany, 2021, 25’) 

Lugar Nenhum / Nowhere, Pedro Gonçalves Ribeiro (Portugal, 2021, 19’) 

Nina et les robots / Nina and the Robots, Cindy Coutant (France, 2020, 19’) 

Sad Cowboy Platonic Love, Ciel Sourdeau (Switzerland, 2021, 17’) 

Swimming Lesson / Schwimmstunde, Lisa Hürtgen (Germany, 2021, 10’) 

Le Variabili Dipendenti / The Dependent Variables, Lorenzo Tardella (Italy, 2022, 16’) 

Yến, Julia Diệp My Feige (Germany, Vietnam, 2021, 15’)

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